Demi Moore, Now in Hot Pursuit of Leonardo DiCaprio

She’s desperate to get back with her one-time lover, says unconfirmed report

As reports surfaced today confirm that Demi Moore is still “very much” married to Ashton Kutcher, a new rumor says she’s looking to move on emotionally from the 6-year failed marriage. Apparently, she thinks her one-time lover Leonardo DiCaprio might be the perfect rebound guy.

The two spent one single night together back in 1997, when Demi was still married to Bruce Willis but the relationship was on its last legs, the National Enquirer writes in its latest print issue (story via CB).

Even though it was no more than a one-night stand, Demi seems to think that Leo might still be feeling something for her. In fact, she’s counting on it to get him to date her, the tab claims.

“The 49-year-old actress, who’s still reeling from her painful split from ‘Two and a Half Men’ hunk Ashton Kutcher, has been e-mailing and calling Leo, hoping to reignite the spark they shared more than 15 years ago,” writes the Enquirer.

In doing so, Demi is completely throwing all caution to the wind, even ignoring that Leo is in a relationship and, most importantly, the fact that he doesn’t really want to have anything to do with her.

“Demi is so lonely and hungry for love. After all these years, she’s romanticized what really amounted to just a fling. She’s infatuated with Leo becoming Hollywood’s hottest power couple. She’s lonely and facing her 50th birthday this month, so she’s looking to rejuvenate her love life and career,” an insider is quoted as saying.

Demi has often been referred to as the “original cougar” for this ability she has to always fall for younger guys but, the insider says, these days, she’s actually thinking that only a younger man on her arm could help her get “back to her past glory.”

It’s not going to happen with Leo though, no matter how badly she wants it or how many times she calls and emails him.

“She’s barking up the wrong tree with Leo. He idolized her when he was in his 20s and fresh off the blockbuster success of Titanic, but now Leo thinks Demi is too old. He doesn’t want to get tangled up in her messy life,” another tipster says.

It must be common knowledge by now that, ever since she split from Ashton, Demi’s love life has become tabloid fodder.

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