Demi Moore Is Still Super Riled About Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

New report says she’s not over the initial shock of the romance yet

It’s been five months that Ashton Kutcher has been dating his former co-star and good friend Mila Kunis, but there’s one person who’s yet to come to terms with their relationship: his wife Demi Moore, says a new report.

Us Weekly spoke to a close friend of Demi’s, who vouches that she is still super riled that Ashton jumped straight into Mila’s bed after their 6-year marriage was over.

What makes matters even worse is that he is still legally married to her, because Demi never filed for divorce even though she was the one who sought separation.

“They're really serious,” a spy says of Mila and Ashton. Paparazzi photos of them out and about seem to confirm that, indeed, the two are very much in love.

Demi, on the other hand, is seething.

“She's not psyched about Ashton and Mila,” says another insider for the same publication. Moore has always had her insecurities, and Ashton’s rush to find another lover only made them worse.

“She was always insecure over the course of her marriage. So yeah, it's hurtful that he's with someone he knew the whole time he was with her,” the tipster shares.

As for speculation that the real reason Demi hasn’t filed for divorce is actually that she and Ashton were never legally married, Us claims that this isn’t entirely accurate.

They were – and still are – married but can’t come to an understanding about the divorce, one that would suit both parties equally.

“An insider tells Us the pair are still working out a financial arrangement before filing for divorce, and their negotiations have hit a snag,” because Ashton is “trying to get the best deal he can” but, at the same time, is “eager to have everything settled.”

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