Demi Moore Is Skin and Bones but Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring

Star’s latest red carpet appearance gets people talking about her weight again

The other day, Demi Moore made the first red carpet appearance since word got out that husband Ashton Kutcher cheated on her with a 23-year-old precisely on their 6th wedding anniversary. She looked incredibly thin, but was still wearing her wedding ring.

Moore’s obvious weight loss has been a hot topic for quite some time, with many saying it’s a clear sign that her marriage is not going well.

Her latest public appearance is not doing anything in terms of making said reports die down: at the premiere of “Margin Call,” in which she also has a part, Demi looked almost skin and bones.

Us Magazine notes that, despite her attempt at putting on a brave smile, Demi looked dejected and sickly thin, making many wonder whether she was eating right.

Nevertheless, she also used the outing to make a silent statement on her marriage, by wearing her wedding ring, which she made sure photographers got a good look at by posing with her hand on her hip.

“The 48-year old star put on a stoic smile in a printed red sheath dress that accentuated her increasingly slim physique. Also part of her ensemble: Her wedding ring from Kutcher, 33,” Us writes.

That didn’t stop bystanders from noticing her frail frame, though.

“Everyone was remarking how thin Demi was, more so than usual. She seemed in a decent mood though, even a little happy to be there,” says one source.

“She’s very upset, and hasn’t been eating,” another source, this time claiming to be a friend of the star, says, adding that the problems she’s been having with Ashton “took a toll” on her once-super fit figure.

Fans must know that this is not the first time that people are talking about Demi’s weight. Another recent report claimed she was down to 97 pounds (44kg) because she couldn’t get herself to eat right, making even Jennifer Aniston look heavy by comparison.


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