Demi Moore Is Ready to Go Back to Work

Family intervention and rehab saved her life, she's telling friends

After a very bad breakup, a stint in rehab and a few days on vacation in the Caribbean, Demi Moore is itching to get back to work. Fresh reports say that the actress, who returned to Los Angeles the other day, is already making plans for her comeback.

Demi and her husband of 6 years, Ashton Kutcher, announced they were getting a separation last year, following months of speculation on the state of their marriage and, most importantly, on whether he'd cheated on her again.

Also late last year, it became clear that Demi wasn't handling the breakup well: she lost a lot of weight and reports were saying she was doing drugs again.

Having jetted back to LA the other day after completing her treatment, Demi is now looking forward to coming back to work, Hollywood Life has learned.

The actress is thankful that her family stepped in and acted so promptly after she was hospitalized in January for drug-induced seizures.

She is convinced she would have died had they not intervened, the celebrity e-zine reports, citing a source close to Demi herself.

“[She] has genuinely taken this whole recovery and help from friends and family as a step in the right direction. Demi has really taken her troubles to a positive place and seriously turned a page in her recovery and realizes that friends and family really want her to be OK,” the insider explains.

They saved her life, Demi knows that now.

“Friends and family think the seizure-like symptoms and the drugs situation from the 9-1-1 call were major cries for help. Friends and family took things so seriously, helped her out at the right time, and didn’t wait on it that, she thinks they have saved her life,” the source says.

Now that she's had time to deal with her issues, Demi wants to get back to work.

“She is very eager to start working again on a more consistent basis and is looking for movie and TV opportunities,” the insider explains.

For the time being, she's not attached to any project, having dropped out of several right before she went to rehab – so this could be just a rumor.

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