Demi Moore Cheated on Ashton Kutcher with His Friend

Actress carried an affair Ben Hollingsworth, says report

Ashton Kutcher reportedly cheated on his wife at least on two occasions in consecutive years. The last time he did so nearly cost him his marriage, if we're to believe media reports – but that's not to say that Demi Moore has been faithful to him all along.

A new report in Hollywood Life claims that the actress has long been dreading that Ashton might leave her for a younger woman – so she took matters in her own hands and sought comfort elsewhere.

Specifically, in the arms of a man much younger than her husband, who also happens to be his friend.

“While Ashton Kutcher reportedly had two flings with Brittney Jones and Sara Leal, Demi Moore may have just carried on her own affair with one of Ashton’s younger friends,” the e-zine says.

He is actor Ben Hollingsworth and is 27 years old. The two met when he moved to Los Angeles to kickstart a career as an actor and Demi took such a liking to him that she vouched she'd help him get his start.

“He was star starstruck from the start,” says in insider who claims to have a thorough knowledge of the affair.

Initially, they were just friends but, in time, they became good friends and, eventually, lovers, says the report.

“Demi took Ben around Hollywood introducing him to everyone and showing him the hippest spots, shares the source,” Hollywood Life writes.

“She even introduced him to Ashton, and helped Ben with his role on The Beautiful Life on the CW (Ashton, 33, was the executive producer of the show). 'She helped him a lot,' says the source,” says the e-zine.

Ben and Ashton clicked the moment they met and became good friends as well. They were always acting like “teenagers,” even smoking weed whenever they would get together.

Then, one night, as Ben drove Demi home, they became intimate. The affair reportedly lasted until Ben decided what he was doing wasn't fair to Ashton, so he broke it off.

“He was getting to be better friends with Ashton and he felt bad about it,” says the insider.

Useless to mention, all the above is just speculation. Since the cheating scandal began playing in the media, neither Demi nor Ashton has addressed it in any way.

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