Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher Back in Counseling to Save Marriage

New report says the two are still trying to work out their differences, stay together

It's been some time that Demi Moore announced she'd decided to separate from husband of 6 years Ashton Kutcher but, since she didn't file for divorce, she left the door open to speculation that reconciling was still on the table. It still is, it has emerged.

A new report in the latest print issue of The National Enquirer (story via CB) claims that Demi and Ashton are yet to give up on their marriage even if, by the latest reports, he's already moved on with Mila Kunis, whom he's dating more or less in secret.

Mila has denied any romantic involvement with Ashton, whom she referred to as a good friend with whom she occasionally hangs out, but paparazzi photos released online a short time ago confirmed that they weren't strictly platonic.

In fact, the Enquirer says, they're more like “friends with benefits” than “just” friends.

This isn't stopping Ashton from attending counseling with Demi in a bid to save their marriage, which came at a screeching halt when he was caught cheating on her, the second time in as many years.

“Demi and Ashton, who never filed for divorce, are attending regular therapy sessions and have resumed a romantic relationship, say sources,” the Enquirer writes.

As expected, the sessions are taking place at the LA Kabbalah center and they're going so well that the two even spent the night together in early June.

“Ashton and Demi are meeting on an almost weekly basis for counseling. They’re bonding and are talking on the phone constantly,” an insider is quoted as saying.

The fact that Ashton is also “bonding” with Mila is making stuff a bit more complicated right now, but it's nothing compared to what Demi has been through since she decided to go her separate way.

“Ashton and Mila have been close friends for years, and she’s eager for commitment. Meanwhile, she doesn’t even know that Demi and Ashton are going through counseling and spending nights together…” the spy goes on to say.

“While Ashton is committed to putting his marriage to Demi back on track, he’s trying to decide what to do about Mila. He wants to stay friends but he has to figure out how to let her down easy,” adds the same insider.

Useless to say, given the source of this report, it's best if taken with a grain of salt.

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