Demi Lovato Is in Crutches After Home Accident

Singer posts photos of her bruised leg, doesn’t say how long she’ll be in crutches

Demi Lovato has had the most eventful weekend ever: she did a photoshoot, talked to fans on Twitter, watched the Super Bowl and live tweeted, and nearly broke her leg in a home accident.

Details of how badly she might have injured herself are not available right now, but the singer and X Factor judge posted a photo of her badly bruised and swollen leg on her Twitter feed.

Also there, she posted the photo attached to this article, with the caption “This sucks :(.”

“Never, ever, ever, EVER let your roommate clean your hardwood floors with Pledge....,” Demi also wrote over the weekend, which has prompted some talk about how the accident took place at home, on Sunday.

According to reports from last month, that would be at the Los Angeles sober house she’s sharing with other addicts.

As we also informed you at the time, the star is believed to have opted to share her home with other people recovering from the same problems she struggled with as well, instead of living alone and not having a soul to talk to in case she was in danger of falling off the wagon.

Demi has been very open about her issues, which started as she grew up and moved from Disney child star to teenager with typical problems.

She opened up about using cocaine and alcohol to numb the pain and the feeling that she did not belong, as well as about her struggles with eating disorders.

Demi was also a cutter, saying that this was, at one point, the only thing that still made her feel as if she was in control because, where everything else was concerned, others decided for her.

She also had a history of violent behavior, which was most likely intimately connected to substance and alcohol abuse.

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