Demi Lovato Rude Photos Leak After Wilmer Valderama's Twitter Account Is Hacked

Wilmer also makes some jokes about Demi's weight in some unflattering photos

What's the best thing to come out of hacking a celebrity social media account? Why, private photos with lots of indecent stuff, of course. This is precisely the case with the latest celebrity Twitter hack, which has targeted Wilmer Valderama, Demi Lovato's actor boyfriend.

In real life, the two seem all loved up and very much into each other, but the photos obtained by Hollywoodlife from a supposed hack reveal that Wilmer doesn't hold a very high opinion of his girlfriend, when he's not photographing her in indecent poses, that is.

The leak reveals some pretty explicit photos, with Demi posing without her top on for the camera, showing off her tattoo and other natural assets which are definitely not safe for work. There are also a bunch of photos of the couple kissing, and Demi seems quite partial to biting the lips of Wilmer, but then again, he too likes to nibble on hers by the looks of things.

As you might expect, there are also photos which show Demi from a full frontal position, another provocative one where she sits on all fours and arches her back seductively for the camera, as well as one where she doesn't have any clothes on and gazes demurely at the lens, while holding her hair from an over-the-shoulder look, reminiscent of Renaissance paintings.

Exposing photos aside, the hacker has also posted a very funny photo in which he makes fun of Demi's weight. The photo is taken from the cartoon The Powerpuff Girls, and Demi is presented as the lumbering giant, towering over three other girls, who are tagged as Miley, Ariana and Selena. The photo is captioned “She's fat as [explicit],” referring to Lovato.

When Valderama has gotten wind of the hack, he has taken to his Facebook page to let everyone know that he wasn't the one behind the mean posts. “ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! My twitter account got hacked… Please spread the word,” he desperately warns.

The hacker sure did know what he was doing. At one point he directed Valderama's followers to begin following Selena Gomez, thus pretending that he was posting on her behalf or that it was she behind the hack.

Fans of the couple actually fell for this trick and are now blaming Selena for the hack and the rude photos. As you may know, Selena and Demi aren't exactly the best of friends at the moment, going through a rough patch, but it's hard to believe that Selena would resort to such drastic measures to get back at Lovato.

The account has now been shut down, presumably after Wilmer telling Twitter he was hacked and demanding that it be taken down. The photos, however, are now all over the Internet.

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