Demi Lovato Is Living at Sober House in Los Angeles

Star is determined to stay on the right track, not fall off the wagon

Demi Lovato’s problems with addiction and self-harm are well documented, mostly because she agreed to be open about them for the sake of her fans and other teens who might be going through the same. Her resolve to stay on the right track is just very strong, it has emerged.

The X Factor US judge and beloved pop star and actress has been living at a sober house in Los Angeles for the past year, celebrity publication TMZ has learned.

In ditching the comforts of her own home and opting for a sober house, Demi is showing her commitment to staying clean and healthy, even if that means living in fairly “spartan” conditions, as the aforementioned media outlet puts it.

“Demi does not want to fall back into the grip of addiction, where she found herself back in 2010, when she admitted she had problems with anorexia, bulimia and cutting. After going to rehab, the 20-year-old seemed better, but ultimately felt she needed the support and guidance from counselors and other addicts who understood her situation,” TMZ informs.

Camp Lovato is yet to confirm the story, but the e-zine insists it has it from very reliable sources that she’s been calling the sober facility her home for almost a year.

“Sources tell us, shortly after her inpatient rehab, she moved into a facility in the LA area. It's interesting, considering she also owns a very nice home in LA. We're told during the entire season of X Factor Demi felt it was best to come home to the facility, where she wouldn't lose her way,” the same media outlet says.

No word yet on how long Demi plans to continue living there.

Ever since she completed her program in rehab, Demi has been very open about the issues that sent her life on a downwards spiral, into drug use, self harm and eating disorders.

She also admitted on more than one occasion that she was still troubled by the demons from her past, stressing that every day was a struggle to stay on the right path.

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