Dell to Meet with Angry Shareholders and Smooth Feathers Over Bloomberg

The private acquisition offer continues to be a reason for dissent

A few days ago we reported that some Dell shareholders were not satisfied with the price that Dell had offered for their shares.

Now we have learned that the company founder will meet with shareholders in order to smooth things over, since he isn't about to let their disapproval stop the deal in its tracks.

Silver Lake Management LLC, one of Michael Dell's partners seeking to buy the company, doesn't want to raise the per-share price from the $13.65 / 10.09 Euro.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what T. Rowe Price Group Inc., Harris Associates LP, Yacktman Asset Management, and Pzena Investment Management LLC all want, Bloomberg reports.

Right now, the ones in favor of the buyout are trying to see how much their opposition actually wants, so that they may estimate what it will take to finally strike a deal.

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