Dell's Inspiron Duo Netbook/Tablet Hybrid Could Come Next Week

If you have been around Softpedia during Fall IDF then you probably remember Dell's crazy Inspiron Duo notebook/tablet hybrid that came with one of the luniest, yet functional designs that I have come to witness in a long time, recent report stating this netbook will become available starting next week, probably Noverber 23.

This news comes via the Cnet website that cites some industry sources familiar with the launch plans for Dell's upcoming notebook/tablet hybrid

As you most certainly remember from IDF, the most distinctive feature of Dell's Inspiron Duo offering is that flip screen that allows, the Duo to be transformed from a Windows 7 slate to a regular netbook in just a matter of seconds, the entire process being apparently seamless.

As far as the hardware specs are concerned, not so many things are known about the Duo, apart from the fact this will come with an 10 inch touchscreen and an Intel Atom N550 dual-core processor, although we don't actually know what type of touchscreen this will be.

Considering the class it will make part off, I think that it's safe to assume the Duo will be available in both 1GB and 2GB configurations, although it's really hard to tell if Dell will add a discrete graphics card to this offering, so 1080p HD playback is still uncertain at this time.

Whatever it may end up being the case, I am sure that users will appreciate the unique hybrid design of the Inspiron Duo, the netbook mode being especially helpful when a QWERTY keyboard is required.

According to the same website pre-sales infos should become available later this week in conjunction with a Microsoft store opening in Bellevue, Washington, pricing probably being among the disclosed items.

Until this happens, I will leave you with a short video that depicts Dell's hybrid creation together with one of the many accessories announced, a JBL-made docking station with stereo speakers.

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