Dell's E6510 and E6410 Leaked by the FCC

Codenamed Margaux and Rothschild, respectively

As it very often occurs with mobile computers and other high-tech products, two laptops have again made their way out of hiding via filings from the Federal Communications Commission. This time, the FCC revealed the existence of two notebooks likely to inherit the legacy of the E6500, a powerful mobile PC from Dell that rivals the ThinkPad line from Lenovo. Codenamed Margaux (E6510) and Rothschild (E6410), the upcoming products merge, unsurprisingly, new Intel technology with Microsoft software.

The product code of the E6510 Margaux is PP30LA. The FCC filing concerning this notebook personal computer reveals that the device runs on Intel processors (probably a Core i5 chip) and a Windows operating system, most likely a version of Windows 7.

With Compal noted as the supposed manufacturer, this laptop is shown featuring some similarities with its predecessors, such as a seemingly identical touchpad. Connectivity options include WiFi, WWAN and a UWB/Bluetooth combo card. Nevertheless, it is still unclear whether the last two will come as part of the base laptop model or if they will be optional (most likely). In addition, Margaux is shown to be running on a fairly capable, 6,700mAh battery.

Another FCC filing revealed the E6410, known by its product number as PP27LA. The Rothschild is somewhat similar to the Margaux. Still, some distinctions include the weaker battery, namely of 4,600mAh, and the lack of UWB. Even so, however, the two devices seem ready to tackle the high-end market as soon as they debut, through their combination of power-efficient CPUs and connectivity capabilities that will likely make the laptops appealing to business users and frequent travelers.

Of course, as it is usually the case with FCC leaks, there is no word on the exact price that the laptops will sport, nor is there any indication of the time frame for their respective releases.


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