Dell XPS 10 Windows RT LTE Tablet Approved by FCC

It will sell through AT&T, or at least will be compatible with its network

Dell's XPS 10 Windows RT tablet isn't exactly news, but the device did lack LTE connectivity until now, which is why the newest FCC filing is of interest.

“LTE” is the acronym for “Long Term Evolution” broadband. LTE is a sort of stepping stone between 3G and 4G, though some just call it 4G for simplicity's sake.

That Dell's XPS 10 will support it from now on, at least in one incarnation, means that a new wave of customers have a reason to consider buying it.

According to this FCC filing, the bands 4 and 17 are compatible with the new LTE module, which is the one that AT&T uses.

Thus, it is probable that AT&T will sell the tablet with a data plan. No price has been revealed, nor an availability date.

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