Dell Provides Better Data Protection by Buying Credant

Future PCs, cloud systems and enterprise products should be safer to use

Most people don't need very powerful data protection measures, since they aren't targets of hackers and malicious software, but Dell doesn't want to take any chances.

Thus, the corporation has decided to buy Credant Technologies, a provider of data protection solutions currently used in Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Financial Services, Drugs and Healthcare, Universities, the Public Sector, Retail and Consumer, and Telecommunications, IT and Media

Upon acquiring Credant, Dell will become the product supplier for all of them (2 million endpoints).

The corporation will also gain the assets needed to develop simpler security management methods, flexible data protection, high-level data safeguards, development and provisioning simplicity, and a lower cost for encrypted PC lifecycle maintenance.

Companies and their employees should be more comfortable with the “bring your own device” policy upon adopting Credant solutions.

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