Dell Profits Down 47% in Third Quarter

While finances are still in the black, things aren'’t exactly pleasant

Showing that the economic downturn and consumer interest in PCs really is falling, Dell was forced to share some unpleasant news with the public.

The company made $13.7 billion revenue during the third quarter of 2013, an 11% drop from the previous year (10.7 billion Euro).

The real dark splotch is the 47% decrease in profit though (year-on-year). Weak PC sales, low demand from corporate clients and the shift in overall industry focus to mobile gadgets caused this.

For those who want the numbers, the net income was of $475 million / €373 million, versus $893 million / €701 million.

Dell still hopes for sequential revenue growth of 2 to 5 percent during the fourth quarter, but that is weak for a holiday season.

Whether this costs the company its position as third greatest PC supplier remains to be seen.

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