Dell Orders 5,000 Zortrax 3D Printers

This is basically the largest order ever made in this industry

There's been a lot of talk about 3D printing and 3D printers, but the actual adoption rate of the things is still a bit cloudy. It might not stay that way for long, though, due to what Dell just did.

According to Pawel Slusarczyk, co-owner of Centrum Druku 3D, Dell has ordered no fewer than 5,000 Zortrax M200 3D printers. Slusarczyk describes the order as the greatest ever made on the 3D printing market.

The order may just put Zortrax on the same level as MakerBot and 3D Systems, who've been at this for longer.

Dell didn't even say what the printers were for, only that it wanted them. The first batch of orders should be shipped before the end of the quarter.

Zortrax managed to finance its printers through Kickstarter last year, from April to June, and recently finished shipping the products to everyone who made a pledge on the crowdfunded project launch website.

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