Dell Mobile Phone to Reach China Shortly

Touchscreen-capable, no physical keyboard

According to the latest news on the Internet, Dell is set to release a mobile phone on the Chinese market within the following few days. It seems that the company is expected to announced the handset as coming towards mobile phone users in the country via a carrier that could be either China Mobile or China Unicom.

The news about the very near announcement regarding the Dell phone in China comes from Tech Crunch, which cites “a source with knowledge of the situation.” However, for the time being it seems that the rumor hasn't been confirmed, yet it has great chances of proving real, although the information on the device itself is rather scarce.

Even so, there seem to be great chances for the phone to come to the Chinese market running under Google's Android operating system. Michael Dell reportedly stated that the company was working on a device that would sport a small screen, yet he didn't explain what it should be, as the area includes both smartphones and basic phones, while Internet tablets could also be counted here.

According to Tech Crunch, Dell has been working closely with Google on the development of an Android-powered tablet computer, and the supposed smartphone might be the result of this cooperation. On the other hand, Dell has also been rumored to “be creating a proprietary operating system with China-based software maker Red Office,” the site notes.

In case the rumor turns out to be true, Chinese mobile phone users will have the opportunity to enjoy a device that sports a touchscreen display and which resembles the highly-popular iPhone, with no physical keyboard present in the package. Anyway, in case the phone is real, more details on it should surface in the very near future, so stay tuned to learn more on this.

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