Dell Intros Wireless Dock for Ultrabooks like Latitude 6430u

It adds all the features laptop owners could need without involving cable clutter

The problem with ultrabooks is that they don't have enough room for all the ports and other technologies that normal notebooks pack. Dell has decided to offer a workaround for this problem, for one of its ultrabooks at least.

Buyers of the Latitude 6430u Ultrabook may want to acquire a little something called Dell Wireless Dock.

Meant to form a WiGig wireless connection with the laptop, the docking station ads extra audio capabilities, Ethernet, an HDMI output and even a DisplayPort.

Three USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connectors are part of the spec sheet as well.

Obviously, the dock should work with any laptop capable of WiGig-certified Wi-Fi.

The price of the Dell Wireless Dock is $249, or 190 Euro according to exchange rates, but the EU price will probably be closer to 220-240 Euro.

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