Dell Intros Its Most Powerful Desktop, OptiPlex 980

With an environmentally friendly design

After it lost the second place as worldwide supplier of PC vendors, Dell seems to be making strides in its development of newer and better desktops, particularly models aimed at the business sector. The company has launched what it describes as its “most powerful business desktop yet,” a flexible and powerful PC powered by Intel Core i5 or Core i7 central processing units. Aimed at small to medium businesses, as well as the government sector, the system merges high performance with a high-efficiency power supply, noise-reducing technology and advanced security and systems management. The new computer is known as the OptiPlex 980 and comes in minitower, desktop and small form factors.

Compared to the previous-generation OptiPlex systems, the OptiPlex 980 can reach a performance up to 35% greater and also boasts management features that enhance productivity. These include simplified task management, with Dell’s Update Catalog for Microsoft Systems Center, and virtual remote control capability, with an optional Intel KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse). The desktop itself may come with solid state drives, in case higher performance is required, and also boasts the Dell EcoKit that reduces noise by up to 50%. In addition, the computer is compliant with government environmental standards, including Energy Star 5.0 and EPEAT Gold. This is possible thanks to the use of 90% efficient PSUs.

“Our customers, including large businesses, government agencies, healthcare organizations and small, medium businesses are looking to explore overall efficiencies in their IT infrastructure which means looking at systems that enable better productivity but result in greater power and cost savings,” said Brett McAnally, director, Dell Product Group. “With the OptiPlex 980 […] we’re helping our customers strike a balance, offering flexible solutions and services that meet their complex demands.”

Besides performance and reliability, Dell also added Advanced Security and Systems Management. The desktop, minitower and small form factor OptiPlex 980 will start selling in the coming weeks and will carry a price tag of $807.

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