Dell Inspiron R Laptops Get Better CPUs and Changeable Lids

Samsung may have filled the web with announcements about a bunch of different products, but it seems Dell isn't inactive either, having released new Inspiron R series notebooks, for budget-conscious customers.

It looks like things aren't as dead silent on the IT market as they sued to be, and while the web could do with a faster rate of product launches, it seems like this wish might just be fulfilled.

Samsung, for one, did not hold back yesterday and officially announced various electronics, like Blu-ray players, laptops and plasma TVs.

It looks like Dell also made a move on the computer market, having issued a press release of its own in which it describes three new Inspiron R models.

Going by the names of Inspiron 14R, Inspiron 15R and Inspiron 17R, they have, as their names suggest, display sizes of 14 inches, 15.6 inches and 17.3 inches, respectively.

Intended for budget-limited users, they can be configured modestly, but also with more power, based on Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 CPUs (central processing units) while featuring up to 8 GB of RAM (random access memory).

For graphics, the one built into the selected CPU will be possible to supplement with ADM Radeon HD 6000M discrete GPUs (on the 14-incher) or NVIDIA's GeForce GT525 (15 and 17).

"Our Inspiron R models equipped with 2nd gen Intel Core processors deliver the ultimate in entertainment and mobility and because customers value both performance and style, the eye-catching lids are designed to suit your mood or style at any given moment," said Sam Burd, vice president Dell's Consumer & SMB Product Group.

"With the Inspiron-R series, we're living up to our heritage of delivering the performance you need to do more, and with SWITCH by Design Studio, you can look good while doing it," Burd added.

A final asset of the notebooks is that they have removable lids, so that those users that dislike patterned, colorful covers can simply swap them for another (each lid costs $39.99). The base prices of the units are $579.99 (14R), $529.99 (15R) and again $579.99 (17R).

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