Dell Halts Online Sales of Streak 7

The tablet PC is still available in some markets around the world

Dell’s Streak 7 tablet PC is no longer available online. This is the message that users looking for the device receive when accessing the company’s website.

This is also a state of facts. Dell has killed off the online sales of Streak 7, although the device is still available via retail channels in a series of markets around the world.

The tablet PC was less than a year old, since it made an appearance only in January this year, but the fact that it was already discontinued does not come too much as a surprise.

Apparently, sales were not as great as one might have expected, most probably due to the smaller screen size and powerful rivals such as the Apple iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices.

Dell made the device available on the airwaves of T-Mobile, among others, with 4G connectivity capabilities packed inside, as well as on shelves at other wireless carrier around the world.

Dell did not offer specific info on why it killed off the online sales of the device, but it did say that it was still committed to the mobile space.

“Dell remains committed to the mobility market and continues to sell products here and in other parts of the world,” the company said, according to Engadget.

Streak 7 delivered a unique experience for customers who wanted a larger screen-size yet the freedom of staying connected to their personal and professional content while on the-go.

“It continues to be available in many markets through retail, distributors and carrier partners such as Optus in Australia.”

For those out of the loop, we should note that Dell discontinued Dell Streak 5, the smaller version of the device, only several months ago.

The company already made available for purchase a larger flavor of the tablet, namely the Streak 10 Pro, which is now available in China, and also has a series of mobile phones available for purchase, powered by Android and Windows Phone.

“We remain committed to expanding our reach beyond PCs with a targeted set of open, standards-based mobility solutions and services designed for commercial and mobile professional customers,” Dell reportedly stated.

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