Delay: Acer Won't Have Any Windows RT Tablets Out Until April 2013

The company might redesign some things about the Surface before it launches anything

Being one of the companies against the idea of Microsoft joining the hardware industry with the Surface tablet, Acer didn't get to be among the first providers of Windows RT tablets.

The earliest it is allowed to enter the fight is in 2013, around CES (Consumer Electronics Show), in January.

Between remarks about Microsoft destroying the hardware ecosystem by making its own tablet and imitating Apple, Acer implied it would definitely make an Arm-powered slate running Windows 8 as soon as possible.

That might not happen though. It is reported that the company has decided to delay its participation until March, or maybe even the second quarter of 2013 (April-June).

Acer has decided to be “cautious” and study the marketing performance of Surface for a while. Depending on how things turn out, it might not offer an alternative at all.

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