Defiance MMO Will Heavily Influence TV Series

The two stories are linked and updated during every week

One of the big promises of the upcoming Defiance MMO is that it will be tightly linked to the television series with the same name from Syfy and one leading member of the development team has explained exactly how the link between the two will work.

Nick Beliaeff, a senior vice president at Trion World, tells GamesIndustry that, “They’re synchronized within an inch of their life. That’s the whole goal. That’s some of the secret sauce that we think we have, just making sure that whenever an episode of the show is on air there’s a big beat happening in the game.”

The executive talks about an episode that focuses on a nanite contagion and the efforts of one doctor on the show to stop its spread.

Beliaeff adds, “So she reaches out to her counterpart in the game in San Francisco and now the players in the game have a series of missions that they can fulfill, getting reagents an trying to help the doctor in San Francisco create the cure.”

Because the Syfy Defiance series will air one episode a week, players will have to work within that time frame in order to complete their missions and get a reward based on how the world evolved.

The performance of the MMO players will affect the storylines of the TV show and all those involved will be satisfied with the mix between story focus and interaction with the audience.

The world of Defiance is an extensive and deep one and the development team at Trion Worlds wants to show how it can evolve over time, as well as give each player interesting choices linked to his own character.

Defiance will be released during April on the PC, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

There are 12 episodes confirmed for the television series at the moment.

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