Deezer Expands to 160 Countries, Full Free Service on Its Way

Deezer plans to include a free but limited service, now that it's got the money to do it

Deezer is announcing its big new plans, now that it's got the money to put them into action. Last year, Deezer decided that it wasn't going to compete in the US so it could have a chance of competing everywhere else.

It seems like that plan is intact, as this is exactly what Deezer has been doing so far and what it's going to do in the future.

The service has been around in quite a few countries and is now adding 76 more, for a total of 160, mostly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The apps are getting an update too, the site's already gotten several new features with an emphasis on discovery, the largest problem these music streaming services have, Deezer in particular.

Deezer plans to bulk up its editorial theme, to both work on this aspect and the localization of the content and recommendations.

"Music fans can submit their playlists to the editorial team once a month, with the best ones rewarded by being featured on Deezer’s local homepages for millions of other fans to see," Deezer said about the new plans.

With so many countries, adapting to the local conditions is probably the hardest thing Deezer has to tackle.

"Deezer’s mobile application will allow music fans to find and connect with their friends, gaining seamless access to their music libraries, playlists and charts to discover their favourite tracks and recommendations," Deezer explained.

The company also plans to expand the free service, actually, to create one. Users can only listen to 30-second clips of the songs for free. Three is a short trial period, but that's it.

With the new money, Deezer will extend the free service, with limits, to most of the places it's available in, focusing on attracting more paying users rather than offsetting losses through ads or other schemes.

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