Deezer Adds Spotify-like Apps, Introduces App Center

Also unveils partnerships with Echonest and Songkick

Deezer is finally starting to build a decent platform for developers, taking a page out of Spotify's playbook. In fact, it seems to be going beyond what Spotify is currently doing with a couple of the new features.

One of the big new features is the App Studio, the second phase of Deezer's Open API program.

Developers have already been able to add some functionality based on Deezer data to their apps, but now they'll be able to run apps inside Deezer itself.

Spotify offers a similar option and it's been promoting its app platform relentlessly for the past several months. Deezer's platform offers much of the same.

However, the upcoming Dezer App Center will feature both Deezer apps and desktop or mobile apps built on top of the API.

The App Center already features several apps created during the testing phase, but now that the API is open, more should be added.

The App Center makes it possible to filter apps by their purpose, i.e. discovery, games, events etc. There's no way to select just the web apps or the Android apps though, for now.

It’s easy to try out any of the apps listed, Deezer apps will be added to the new Applications section in the left sidebar.

You'll have to "pin" any of the apps you want to keep on using, otherwise they'll be removed from the list if you go to check out a new app.

All developers have to do is register their app and get approved by Deezer. And make the app in the first place, of course.

Deezer has also unveiled new partnerships with Songkick, which will add concert and event notifications based on your listening preferences, and Echonest, to make it possible for other apps to include songs from Deezer.

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