Deer Attacks Men, Steals Their Cigarettes

These two Texans had to ask for help from the police and the game warden

Only this past weekend, it became obvious that goats can sometimes be quite scary. It now seems that deer can also pack a punch, as two men from Texas recently found out.

Apparently, the two men were just sitting in their car when this buck decided to approach the vehicle and have a closer look at them.

After poking one of the men in his abdomen, the deer grabbed hold of a pack of smokes and started chewing on them.

“He came up and started poking me in my ribs so I grabbed him by the horns and pushed him back and hopped in the back of my truck,” Joseph Rose explains.

Furthermore, “He climbed up here and put his front paws on my seat and got my pack of cigarettes and started chewing them. I think the deer tried to switch places, I think he was trying to hunt us!”

Sources say the buck also attacked the police officers who dropped by hoping to restrain it, and that one of them even broke his wrist while trying to tackle the animal.

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