Deepcool Prepares Assassin Twin Tower CPU Cooler

Ever since the first twin tower CPU coolers hit the market, this design approach has become synonym with high-performance air cooling and today Deepcool has announced the introduction of their first twin tower solution, called the Assassin.

Taking only a short look at the Assassin, this wouldn't appear to differentiate itself too much from the all the other twin tower coolers available in the market, but, moving closer, one gets to see that the company went with a unique heatsink concept which uses a diamond-shaped pattern.

While Deepcool didn't reveal too much about this technology, it appears that its role is to lower the turbulence produced by the installed fans.

In turn, this could help lower the system's noise as the Assassin can be fitted with no less then three cooling fans.

Only two fans are shipped together with the Assassin, one measuring 140mm while the other measures 120mm, and the larger of these two is placed right between the twin towers to draw hot air through the heatsink.

The second one is placed so that it would push fresh air into the Assassin and both of these come with a rubber cover frame to minimize vibrations.

The heat dissipated by the fans is drawn from the copper base covering the CPU through eight 6mm thick heatpipes.

No information regarding the maximum cooling capacity of the Assassin were provided, but the cooler looks like it will be able to keep up with pretty much any high-performance CPU available out there.

The Deepcool Assassin is shipped together with a universal mounting system, which supports all of Intel's and AMD's recent sockets, including LGA 1155, LGA 1366 and AM3+.

Sadly, Deepcool wasn't able to provide us with an approximate launch date or any pricing information.


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