December 28, 05:21 EST – The Last Full Moon of 2012

December full moons are also referred to as oak moons

On December 28, at 5:21 a.m. EST, the world is to gaze upon this year's last full moon, also referred to as the oak moon, seeing how it occurs in mid-winter.

Specialists explain that the full moon comes as a result of the sun's, the Earth's and the moon's lining up in precisely this order.

This allows the light coming from the sun to hit the side of the moon facing towards Earth, turning it into a brightly lit disk.

Although a full moon is not a long lasting event, the naked eye cannot really tell the difference between a slightly larger and a slightly smaller moon disk. Because of this, it will seem to last for a couple of days.

Sources report that December's full moon is also known as the frost moon or the long night’s moon.

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