Decembeaver: Movember for Women – Video

Anti-cancer campaign encourages ladies to bid razors and wax farewell

Movember was a rather successful anti-cancer campaign, meaning that roughly 1.2 million men agreed to grow a mustache in support of male cancer patients worldwide. 

Therefore, it is quite likely that Decembeaver (i.e. Movember for women) will soon become equally popular.

The idea is fairly simple: as long as men got to not shave their mustaches and beards throughout the entire month of November, then women should also be allowed to go an entire month without ever using either razors or wax to trim their lady parts.

Apparently, not shaving for an entire month will help raise cancer awareness amongst women.

Granted, some men might not really approve of this movement, yet, as one of the activists in the video above puts it, “If a guy gives you a hard time, he must want you to get cancer.”

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