Debian 7.0 Wheezy Has Been Officially Released

This version brings multiarch support, an improved installer, and updated apps

The Debian project proudly announced today, May 5, that after months of hard work the final version of the highly anticipated Debian 7.0 Linux operating system is now available for download.

Dubbed Wheezy and powered by Linux kernel 3.2 and X.Org 7.7, Debian 7.0 includes an improved installer, multiarch support, a complete set of multimedia front-ends and codecs, and various specific utilities to deploy private clouds.

"Multiarch support, one of the main release goals for "Wheezy", will allow Debian users to install packages from multiple architectures on the same machine. This means that you can now, for the first time, install both 32- and 64-bit software on the same machine and have all the relevant dependencies correctly resolved, automatically."

"The installation process has been greatly improved: Debian can now be installed using software speech, above all by visually impaired people who do not use a Braille device," the official release announcement said.

Highlights of Debian 7.0:

• Linux kernel 3.2;

• kFreeBSD kernel 8.3 and 9.0;

• X.Org 7.7;

• GNOME 3.4;

• KDE Software Compilation 4.8.4;

• Xfce 4.8;

• Icedove 10;

• Iceweasel 10;

• LibreOffice 3.5.4;

• OpenJDK 6b27 and 7 Update 3;

• GIMP 2.8.2;

• GNU Compiler Collection 4.7.2;

• Apache 2.2.22;

• Asterisk;

• MySQL 5.5.30;

• Nagios 3.4.1;

• Perl 5.14.2;

• PHP 5.4.4;

• PostgreSQL 9.1;

• Python 2.7.3 and 3.2.3;

• Samba 3.6.6;

• Tomcat 6.0.35 and 7.0.28;

• Xen Hypervisor 4.1.4.

Debian 7.0 also provides access to more than 36,000 ready-to-use software packages, which are built from nearly 17,500 source packages.

Debian 7.0 Wheezy is distributed as installable DVD ISO images, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, as well as EABI ARM, PowerPC, Hard Float ABI ARM, SPARC, kFreeBSD 64-bit PC (amd64), Intel Itanium IA-64, MIPS (little endian), MIPS (big endian), kFreeBSD 32-bit PC (i386), IBM S/390, and IBM System z.

Download Debian 7.0 right now from Softpedia.

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