Death Star Project Resurrected, This Time on Kickstarter

The White House said “no,” ordinary folks decide to take matters into their own hands

This past February 4, Kickstarter witnessed the launch of a rather peculiar fundraising campaign.

What makes this campaign so very special is the fact that, unlike others that mainly focus on trying to raise money to jump-start the large-scale manufacturing of various gadgets, it aims at gathering as much donations as needed in order to jump start work on a Death Star.

For those who have missed previous news concerning the Death Star project, here is a sum-up: back in December 2012, several thousand people went through the trouble of signing an online petition asking that the White House agree to build a Death Star.

Apparently, some of the people who put down their names on said petition were quite convinced that, when faced with a series of very compelling arguments having to do with national security and economy, the US government would be left with no choice except agree to build one such legendary weapon.

As was to be expected, not only did the White House deny their request, but they also went as far as to poke some fun at both the petition, and the people who had signed it.

Recent news on this topic informs us that the Death Star project has recently been resurrected by a man living in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Thus, efforts are now being made to raise the money needed in order to build this space weapon.

“We need to protect ourselves from threats far far away so lets build a death star. In November 2012 the people asked for a death star. The government said NO! In light of continuing threats we should build it ourselves,” reads this project's webpage on Kickstarter.

Furthermore, “£20,000,000 ($31 million / €23,000,000) [needed] for more detailed plans and enough chicken wire to protect reactor exhaust ports. £543,000,000,000,000,00 ($850,000,000,000,000,000 / €628,000,000,000,000,000) [needed] to secure full funding for actual construction.”

Apparently, the deadline for raising said £20,000,000 is April 1, a.k.a. April Fools' Day.

Hence the following mention: “The main challenge is assuring Kickstarter that this is a joke and not a serious project. As proof, the goal has been set high enough to make successful funding almost impossible.”

The initial plans for the Death Star are made available to you in the picture next to this article.

Just for the sake of emphasis: this Kickstarter project is meant as nothing more and nothing less than a source of giggles. Hopefully.

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