Death Star Petition Awaits White House Response

Over 25,000 Americans want the government to start building it a.s.a.p.

It was only a few days back when the news that an online petition was asking the White House to commission the building of a Death Star as soon as possible made headlines.

Back then, most newspapers assumed that, all things considered, it was highly unlikely that this peculiar petition would raise the 25,000 signatures it needed in order to make it all the way to Barack Obama's desk.

Still, thanks to having all these media outlets saying that there was no way 25,000 Americans would sign it, the petition succeeded in meeting its signatures goal, simply because its popularity spread like wildfire.

According to the current US legislation, the country's leaders must now take the time to actually consider this proposal and later on share their views on this issue with the general public, sources explain.

Hopefully, the second assumption made by media outlets (i.e. that there is no way President Barack Obama will debut work on a Death Star as early as the year 2016) will prove to be more accurate.

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