Dear Windows XP Users, Please Don't Migrate to Linux

The Linux platform might feel like a disappointment for many Windows XP users

The Linux platform sounds like a good alternative for the Windows XP users, but the truth is that Linux would not really benefit from a mass user immigration from Windows XP. In fact, it would be quite a burden.

As it stands right now, there are about 30,000,000 computers running Windows XP and Microsoft is ready to pull the plug on security updates for this old operating system. It doesn’t mean that Windows XP will stop working, only that it will become more and more insecure.

Microsoft is trying really hard to convince people to upgrade to a new version of Windows, to 8.1 if at all possible. The problem is that the requirements for the two systems are so far apart that it would be difficult for many XP users to actually do anything about it.

Therefore, the Windows XP users are facing only a few simple choices. We don’t really care about the vast majority of the users that will probably still use the aged operating system, despite the fact that it will reach end of life, and we don’t really care about the small number of users and businesses that will actually upgrade to another Windows OS.

If only a small fraction of those users are forced by economic circumstances or other reasons to choose a Linux-based operating system, the Linux community will have a lot of work on its hands.

Let’s assume that only 10% of those 30,000,000 Windows XP users (which is a conservative number) decide to move to Linux, either to Ubuntu (Kubuntu and Lubuntu flavors the closest), Zorin, or any other solution, the Linux community will suddenly be faced with an afflux of novice users that don’t really know what to do, even with the simplest of tasks.

It’s not about helping people understand their Linux systems, because the Linux community is actually providing a premium service when it comes to support. The problem is that Windows XP users are actually very rigid people that stayed on an old system for a very long time and they don’t respond well to change.

The ones that will actually go through all the pain of switching to Linux will find themselves in a system they don’t really like and which only has a tiny resemblance to the one they were using before. They will start to trash Linux for all the problems they will encounter and the Linux community will be the one to take the hits.

We have a piece of advice for the would-be Linux users. If you do make it to Linux, don’t expect to have a system that looks and acts like Windows. It can be made to look like it and if you give it a chance, you will find that it’s superior in almost all aspects.

Don’t go criticizing Linux systems just because you feel that they're not what you expected. If you just want another poor excuse of an OS like Windows XP, don't even consider migrating to Linux. Choose another path, and both you and the Linux community will be grateful.

Linux is not for people who refuse to evolve, so unless you really know what you want, stay away and make everyone happy.

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