Deadly Premonition Creator Works on New Over-the-Top Horror Game

The experience might be too scary for some Western gamers

Hidetaka Suehiro, also known as Swery, is one of the main developers behind the cult hit Deadly Premonition and his colleague Yasuhiro Wada reveals that he is working on a new experience that has managed to shock the veteran developer.

In an interview, the pair talked about the new video game, with Suehiro stating that during the creation of Deadly Premonition, he found out how to balance horror elements with more action-driven sequences.

Wada reacted by saying, “Balance? But the idea for the new game you showed me the other day was crazy. The character I mean”.

The discussion is cut off by the Public Relations representatives, which suggests that they are not ready to offer information on a new title that has not been officially announced.

Wada adds, “It was a really good idea. It’s surely going to sell loads. There’s nothing else like it.”

He then also mentions that some sequences in the coming Hidetaka Suehiro-developed video game might be too scary for the gamers who are reading the interview.

At the moment, Yasuhiro Wada is creating a new version of Deadly Premonition, called The Director’s Cut, which will deliver more content for fans and will be launched during March, exclusively on the PlayStation 3 from Sony.

Hidetaka Suehiro is not involved with that game and promised that he would create an entirely new horror experience during 2013.

He mentioned a new mystery horror game concept created by Tomio Kanazawa, another developer who has previously worked on Deadly Premonition, although no official information is available about it.

Japanese developers have always been known for their ability to take simple gameplay experiences and infuse them with horror elements.

Deadly Premonition was significant, because it allowed players to explore an open world and choose what activities they wanted to be a part of, while pushing the story along via a number of mandatory sequences.

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