Deadfall Adventures Is Next Video Game from Painkiller Developer

Gamers will get a mix of shooter, exploration and puzzles

Developer The Farm 51 and publisher Nordic Games have announced that they are working on a new first-person shooter called Deadfall Adventures, which will mix classic first-person shooter elements, puzzle solving and exploration.

Gamers will be able to get into the hardened boots of James Lee Quatermain, the descendant of Allan Quatermain, the famous adventurer.

The character in Deadfall Adventures is keen to make money and does not believe in supernatural occurrences or creatures, but his beliefs and his abilities both will be tested while escorting Jennifer Goodwin, an agent working for the United States intelligence service, to an Egyptian temple.

Rumors suggest that the complex plays host to an artifact called The Heart of Atlantis, which is also coveted by the Ahneberbe, a division of the Nazi intelligence services that researches the occult.

The team at The Farm 51 states, “In long forgotten temple structures the thrill of the chase awakens the true adventurer in Quatermain, as he and agent Goodwin strive to be one step ahead of the Nazis and the Russians, one step closer to obtaining the Heart of Atlantis.”

The trailer for Deadfall Adventures focuses mostly on the main character, but a few glimpses of actual gameplay are offered towards the end.

It seems that developers at The Farm 51 are trying to create a similar game to a bloodier Uncharted one, with classic themes like Atlantis serving as an excuse for complex shootouts and tomb exploration.

Klemens Kreuzer, the leader of Nordic Games, tells Eurogamer that, “We're putting players into the heart of the action, just as they'd dreamed as children, staring at their heroes on the silver screen. It's fantastic to be working on Deadfall Adventures with The Farm 51 from the roots up; it's going to be an exciting summer.”

Deadfall Adventures will be launched on the PC and on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft at the end of July 2013.

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