Dead or Alive 5 Is Inspired by Uncharted

The fighting game had a lot to learn from the action one

Dead or Alive 5, the recent fighting game from Team Ninja, was inspired by the Uncharted franchise, as the Japanese studio wanted to produce the same type of interaction with the environment like the one seen in the games made by Naughty Dog.

Dead or Alive 5 came out earlier this fall and delivered a pretty intense fighting experience which shined because its environments were quite dynamic and filled with different types of surprises, from crumbling buildings to interactive circus cannons, for example.

According to Team Ninja boss, Yosuke Hayashi, these interactive elements resulted from the studio’s admiration of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series.

“For Dead Or Alive 5 we took a lot of inspiration from Naughty Dog. Specifically it was the whole stage crumbling, and things falling off, and the characters rolling down, grabbing on to the ledges in Uncharted. We also wanted to hint at that flow you get into in Uncharted, where you know that something massive is about to happen,” Hayashi told CVG.

“In Uncharted you fall off a cliff, or off a boat and things like that, and we thought moments like that would be great in DOA5's fighting system. We got really inspired by that, and we've tried to do something very similar.”

The Team Ninja boss, however, highlights that, while he and his team were inspired by the Uncharted franchise, they didn’t try to downright copy the action game made by Naughty Dog.

“I think that we definitely were inspired by Naughty Dog's work. It's not like we're doing a cheap, superficial imitation of that game. As creators we were inspired, and it's a good opportunity right now to tell our players about this. It's something they might not notice, but we really respect Naughty Dog, their work is fantastic,” he added.

Without a doubt this serves to prove that even games that are different genres, like the fighting or action ones, have elements that can carry over to other experiences.

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