Dead Trigger for Android Updated with Rewards for Everyone Who Purchased It

New weapons, items and arenas have been included as well

The folks at MADFINGER Games have just released a new update for their highly-acclaimed “Dead Trigger” game for Android devices.

Although the creators of the game launched Dead Trigger for $0.99 USD (for a limited time), they were forced to offer it for free due to the high level of piracy.

However, MADFINGER Games promised it would take care of all the customers who purchased the game before it became free to download.

Today that promise is fulfilled with the latest update. Dead Trigger 1.5.0 brings rewards for everyone who purchased the game. It’s not clear what exactly the creators of the title plan to offer these players, but anything is better than nothing.

Other than this important improvement, the latest version of Dead Trigger for Android brings the following changes:


- New story missions;

- New weapon: ALIEN GUN;


- Improved gameplay of protect missions;

- New tutorial for beginners;

- Improved MINIGUN and COLT-M4;

- Increased reward in the Arenas;

- More chance to win at the Casino;

- Auto-aim works better when more enemies nearby;

- Better ammo drops for everyone who uses more than one weapon.

We’re pretty sure Dead Trigger for Android will be constantly updated by the folks at MADFINGER Games with new content and new features, which will improve the overall gameplay experience.

Dead Trigger 1.5.0 is now available as a free download via Google Play store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 2.1 and up. Check it out here.

Keep in mind that the game offers enhanced visuals on Nvidia Tegra 3 devices, such as water simulation and amazing ragdoll effects. High quality 3D audio and full 3D characters and environments are included as well.

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