Dead Space 3 Story Contained in Single Player, Coop Not Mandatory

Players will be able to get a new point of view via new character

Steve Papoutsis, a producer working on Dead Space 3, says that the team he is leading has no plans to make the cooperative part of the game mandatory for players and that the story will be fully accessible to those who like to play on their own.

He tells the official PlayStation Blog that, “You don’t have to play it – you can play Dead Space 3 in single-player and it plays out in very similar way to what you’ve experienced in the past, and we needed to create a character that fit into the universe and didn’t feel like a throw-away character.”

Visceral Games is interested in creating an addictive cooperative multiplayer mode for Dead Space 3, which will enhance the experience of the game, but it is also trying to make sure that all the scares are available regardless of the chosen game mode.

Papoutsis has also explained the appeal of cooperative multiplayer, saying that, “now when you have another character in the scene with you, it’s a different approach to the horror – it’s more psychological. That’s a new feeling that you’ve never had in a Dead Space game. That’s how we’re injecting horror into the co-op.”

The main character of the Dead Space series is still Isaac Clarke and the core story of the game is linked to him and his evolution, but Visceral Games believes that players will be happy to see how new character Carver experiences the same events.

Dead Space 3 takes place on Tau Volantis, a frozen planet that’s harder to navigate and fight on than the Sprawl.

For the first time in the series, Clarke will face human soldiers in battle, in addition to the Necromorphs.

Dead Space 3 will be launched on the PC, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 during February 2013 and the developers have not yet talked about a Nintendo Wii U version.

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