Dead Space 3 Horror Still Involves Closet Scares

But characters will also deal with the blizzard and perception issues

The development team at Visceral Games working on Dead Space 3 believes that the experience will still deliver plenty of scary moments to players despite the fact that they had two previous titles in the series to accommodate to its brand of horror.

Yara Khoury, an associate producer working on the game, tells The Official Xbox Magazine that, “I think at this point we’ve mastered the art of doing closet scares: you know, necromorphs jumping out of vents, etc – and I think that’s why it will be interesting to go to Tau Volantis – to see how we’ve been able to use the blizzard with its sensory tricks.”

One of the main mechanics for horror is the new ice blizzard on the planet of Tau Volantis, which will allow developers to hide enemies from the player and to use sound in order to disorient the player and expose him to attacks.

Khoury adds, “The ice planet that worried players at first because it’s an external environment, actually turns out to be one of our allies in terms of creating new ways to scare our players.”

Many fans of the series believe that the open environments and the new duck and roll mechanics will make it too easy for main character Isaac Clarke to avoid attacks and potential scary moments.

Visceral Games and Electronic Arts have promised that Dead Space 3 will have a variety of locations and that many horror elements will be present.

The game is set to focus on cooperative gameplay, with a soldier named Carver working alongside Clarke. A new weapon crafting mechanic has recently been revealed, complete with microtransactions.

Dead Space 3 will be out on February 5 in North America and February 8 in Europe and will be offered on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC.

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