Dead Space 3 Has Four Unlockable Modes, Gets "Disturbing" Story DLC

You can replay the game in different ways until the new story add-on is released

Dead Space 3 Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis has revealed that the upcoming survival game has four unlockable modes, including the emblematic Hardcore that gives players a single life, but also that it's going to receive a very special and quite "disturbing" downloadable story after its release next week.

Dead Space 3 is anticipated by quite a lot of fans, even if recent news that the PC version is a direct port of the console editions or that the game includes micro-transactions have driven some people away from the title.

In order to once again get fans interested in the upcoming survival experience, executive producer Steve Papoutsis has revealed on the Dead Space 3 blog that the game has four unlockable modes that are available once a player completes the game.

From the traditional New Game+, to a special Classic experience, all of them should provide some great replay value, so check out the descriptions below.

- New Game+ lets you start a new game with all your upgrades and arsenal intact

- Classic Mode is for the DS1 veterans out there. It’s single-player only, uses “classic” aiming, and there’s no crafting – all weapons have to be built from blueprints, a la the original game.

- Pure Survival Mode: If you like survival horror and resource management, this is the mode for you. Enemies only drop resources, and there’s no ammo, health, or weapon parts to be found. You’ll have to choose what to craft every time you see a bench. Upgrade? Med Pack? Plasma Core? Think fast – there’s a Waster right around the corner!

- Hardcore Mode: Choose this mode, and you only get one life to live for the entire campaign. Make sure to wear a clean pair of boxers when you play…

What's more, Papoutsis also took the chance to tease an upcoming DLC for Dead Space 3 that brings an additional story and should be released in a few weeks after the launch of the game. According to him, the best word to describe the new adventure is "disturbing."

Dead Space 3 is out on February 5, in North America, and February 8, in Europe, for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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