Dead Space 3 Has 11 Day-One DLC Packs That Give Players Advantages

Plenty of quick upgrades and new equipment are available for a fee

Dead Space 3 will be released next week onto the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms and it seems that the launch will be accompanied by the deployment of not one but 11 different downloadable content packs that almost all cost a lot of money.

Dead Space 3 is out next week and more and more nasty details are surfacing about the survival shooter from Electronic Arts and Visceral Games, like the fact that it includes micro-transactions or that its PC version is the same as the PS3 or Xbox 360 editions.

Now, Eurogamer has spotted on the PlayStation Store the mention of 11 different DLC packs for Dead Space 3, including the equipment bundles that will be sold via micro-transactions.

These new add-ons feature different upgrades for the scavenger bot, as well as different weapons, suits, and other utilities that give people an advantage as opposed to regularly playing the game.

The equipment packs that will be offered through micro-transactions are also present, in the form of the Resource pack, Ultra Weapon and Resource pack, or the Epic Weapon and Resources pack.

What's more, there's also an Online Pass, which prevents those with used copies of the game to play cooperatively with others.

Check out the full list of DLCs spotted on the U.S. PS Store below. As of yet, it's unclear what pricing will be adopted in other regions.

Bot Capacity Upgrade - $4.99

Bot Personality Pack - $4.99

First Contact Pack - Free

Marauder Pack - $4.99

Sharpshooter Pack - $4.99

Tundra Recon Pack - $4.99

Witness the Truth Pack - $4.99

Bot Accelerator - $4.99

Online Pass - $9.99

Epic Weapon & Resource Pack - $2.99

Ultra Weapon & Resource Pack - $1.99

Resource Pack - $0.99

Dead Space 3 is out next month and EA hasn't commented on the new DLCs.

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