Dead Space 3 Benefits from Limited Kinect Integration

Gamers will have the option of tricking their partners

One of the most interesting aspects of Dead Space 3 is its integration of the Kinect motion tracking from Microsoft and it seems that the team has managed to find actual gameplay uses for the technology.

Steve Papoutsis, the executive producer working on Dead Space 3, tells CVG that, “Getting a chance to use Kinect was something that was pretty cool for us. We've explored motion controls on some of the other platforms and that was fun and informative, but we hadn't done Kinect.”

Many hardcore developers, especially those working on shooters and action titles, have tended to avoid Kinect or the rival PlayStation Move from Sony because they fail to be intuitive and introduce lag that can drive players away.

The team at Vigil Games was careful to approach Kinect from a performance-based angle and make sure that all motion tracking uses add something to the Dead Space 3 experience.

Papoutsis adds, “in co-op and now you can do things with simple voice commands like give your partner ammo or items - things that would normally take a couple of extra clicks on the sticks. That was really cool. And we've had fun in the team when we're sitting down playing and I'm in the room with you and I can mess with you a little bit.”

Dead Space 3 introduces cooperative gameplay mechanics to the series, with Sergeant John Carver working alongside Isaac Clarke in order to battle both Necromorphs and humans.

The game is designed to offer the same horror-based experience, but there are less scares based on limited control and more situations where players have to move fast in order to survive.

Dead Space 3 is currently scheduled for launch on the PlayStation 3 from Sony, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PC on February 5 in North America and three days later in Europe.

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