Dead Rising 3 Details Leaked, Capcom Teases Upcoming Reveal

Frank West is going on new adventures, although leaked details say a new hero is coming

Great news for Dead Rising fans, as Capcom’s zombie shooter series has just seen some interesting developments, with the Japanese company teasing a brand new adventure for the main protagonist, Frank West, while a major leak has spilled some interesting details about the next chapter in the franchise.

Dead Rising was among one of the first imaginative zombie shooter games, released back in 2006 for the Xbox 360, and really impressed fans with Dead Rising 2, which appeared last year and has since gotten quite a few spinoffs, like Dead Rising: Case West, or this year’s Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Now, Capcom is keen on continuing the zombie killing adventures of Frank West, as the company posted a special message on the Facebook page of the series, which reads, "I'm getting packing for my new adventure - camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would i need for a break in paradise? – Frank."

While this might hint at a brand new game starring everybody’s war photographer and zombie killer, Siliconera posted a pretty big leak on its website, sharing a huge load of information it’s received from a source.

According to the reveal, Dead Rising 3 will go to a new location, Los Perdidos, California, and star a whole new character, Rick, an auto mechanic that wants to escape the zombie infested town by fixing up a plane and running away before a bomb goes off and destroys the city.

This follows the regular recipe of previous Dead Rising games and might once again have a time limit, which didn’t really go so well with some players.

In terms of villains, besides the actual zombies, the evil Phenotrans pharmaceutical company is present once again, with Dead Rising: Case West antagonist Marian Mallon teaming up with a new character called General Hemlock to kidnap leader of the Los Perdidos community.

As you can see, these are two contradicting reports, but we can hope to hear an exclusive reveal in the near future, probably at tomorrow’s Spike TV 2011 Video Game Awards.

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