Dead Bird Found in Tesco Salad Bag

The bird was discovered by a couple looking to enjoy a romantic dinner

It may very well be that feasting on salads is good for one's health, yet one couple from Yate, Gloucestershire has recently discovered that so-called healthy meals can sometimes make one's stomach turn.

Long story short, James and Jasmine Waston merely wished to enjoy a romantic meal together, and purchased a bag of Tesco salad, which they planned on eating together with a steak and some chips.

While eating, this couple came to realize that their salad contained one additional ingredient: a five-inch-long (roughly 13 centimeters) dead bird.

By the looks of it, the couple sat down to enjoy their meal in a dim light, hence their not noticing the dead bird in time.

Thus, prior to their spotting the animal, James had already taken a couple of bites from the not-so-appealing salad.

According to News Tank, the bird was found inside one of Tesco's £1.50 (€1.72 / $2.28) bags of Babyleaf Rocket Salad.

James and Jasmine did not purchase the salad directly from the supermarket, but had ordered it online back on January 30.

The same source informs us that, immediately after stumbling upon the dead animal, the couple tried to contact Tesco's customer service, hoping that someone might be able to offer them some sort of explanation concerning how it was exactly that this bird ended up in their salad bag.

When failing to grab hold of Tesco by phone, the couple journeyed to one of their stores and talked to its manager about their unpleasant experience.

Acting on behalf of Tesco, the latter presented them with a £200 (€230.1 / $304.5) gift card and agreed to send someone to their home in order to help them dispose of the dead bird.

Still, James and Jasmine are yet to learn about how it was that the bird showed up in their salad.

Commenting on this incident, a spokesperson for Tesco made a case of how, “We were concerned to learn of this issue and have investigated thoroughly with our supplier.”

Furthermore, “Both we and our suppliers have robust measures in place to prevent incidents such as this, and our salad leaves go through complex filtering and washing systems.”

Just for the record, it seems that the bird was a Blackcap European warbler.

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