Dead Baby Polar Bear Sort of Brought Back to Life in Germany

Museum plans to use Knut's fur in order to recreate the animal

Back in 2011, a 4-year-old baby polar bear living in captivity in Germany passed away as a result of its suffering a seizure and drowning in its enclosure.

Recent news on this topic says that employees of Berlin's Natural History Museum have used Knut's fur to piece together a full-sized replica of the animal.

Spokespeople for the Museum wished to make it quite clear that the Knut set to make its public debut this coming Saturday was by no means a stuffed version of the dead polar bear cub.

Thus, it is merely a sculpture covered in the animal's fur.

The “resurrected” Knut is to be on display for about four weeks, after which it will be made to spend the following two years in storage.

According to the staff at Berlin's Natural History Museum, the Knut sculpture will once again greet the public in 2014, when it is to stand at the center of an exhibition focusing on climate change and global warming.

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