“Dawson's Creek” Star Says Humans Have No Business Drinking Cow Milk

James Van Der Beek is convinced drinking cow milk is “a weird thing for a human to do”

Green-oriented group PETA has been trying for years to convince people to give up meat and dairy. Only recently, the organization got some unexpected help from “Dawson's Creek” star James Van Der Beek.

The actor took to Twitter to share his belief that humans have no business drinking cow milk, and linked to an article written by a doctor named Mike Hyman to prove that he was right.

“I KNEW sucking a cow’s udder was a weird thing for a human to do…Great article via @KimberlilyVDB @unhealthytruth,” James Van Der Beek reportedly wrote on Twitter.

In his article, Dr. Mike Hyman argues that, contrary to popular opinion, people who drink cow milk are not healthier than those who do not.

On the contrary, they have higher risks of becoming overweight or obese, getting cancer and developing osteoporosis.

As Dr. Mike Hyman puts it, “Milk is not nature’s perfect food unless you are a calf and should not be consumed in large quantities by most people, because it can promote weight gain, cancer, and even cause osteoporosis.”

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