David Petraeus Rehire: Journalists Support the Ex-CIA Director

Political bloggers unite to suggest that Petraeus be rehabilitated

With CIA losing a leader and needing to rehire, Emily Yoffe, at Slate, suggests the ideal candidate for the position – David Petraeus.

Since it was proven that Petraeus broke no laws and did not breach national security by disclosing classified info, there is no “legal” reason why he shouldn't be brought back, which leaves only a question of morality.

“[He has ] already been humiliated and rehabilitated. Obama should rehire him as CIA director,” Yoffe writes.

Daily Beast's Diane Dimond also sings the general's praises:

“After 37 years of service to the U.S. military, Petraeus resigned in August 2011 to take on another public-service job: head of the CIA.

“At his retirement ceremony, Adm. Michael Mullen, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called Petraeus one of the nation’s great battle captains and compared him with Ulysses S. Grant, John Pershing, George Marshall, and Dwight Eisenhower,” she says. Dimond hints that Obama hired Petraeus to keep him from running for the White House the next elections.

Which brings me to why he was fired in the first place. It appears both him and girlfriend Paula Broadwell admitted to the romance, and the director wasn't asked for his resignation right away. In fact, it came at a time when he was supposed to testify on the Benghazi, Lybia protests.

Even as no laws had been broken, the FBI pursued their investigation further, searching Broadwell's house. Their efforts turned up nothing on the biographer, but revealed that the whistle-blower on the affair, Army social liaison Jill Kelley, had exchanged “flirtatious” emails with General Allen.

It's safe to say Broadwell, who allegedly threatened Kelley, the “Tampa Kardashian” who is millions in debt and the romantic General Allen are not so squeaky clean after all.

“It’s time to let Petraeus get back to work,” the Slate suggests. Do you agree? If so, leave your messages in the comment section below.

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