David Letterman Tries Hard Not to Make Fun of Ryan Lochte – Video

Lochte promotes new E! reality show, manages not to make a fool of himself

Ryan Lochte might be an accomplished athlete and a very handsome man but he’s no skilled conversationalist, as it became crystal clear the other day, in an interview with Fox’s Good Day Philly. His interview with David Letterman confirms that once more.

Check it out above in all its (awkward) glory.

I imagine that the usually caustic Letterman was advised beforehand not to make too much fun of Lochte, which is why he spends almost 5 minutes of the interview to list his many medal wins.

I also imagine Letterman chuckling to himself each time he gets Ryan to say where each edition the Olympic Games he’s been to took place.

However, even considering that Lochte could say some pretty ridiculous stuff if provoked, I still felt somewhat bad for him. After all, Letterman went softer on Lindsay Lohan than he did on this guy – and he never did the kind of stuff she did.

He just wants to bring swimming awareness into our living rooms with his reality show, what’s wrong with that.

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