David Letterman Plants Surprise Kiss on Amy Poehler – Video

Actress talks of kissing Joe Biden, gets a surprise smooch on her own

You might not be able to say by looking at him, but David Letterman can be very spontaneous when he wants to – but particularly when his guest is the always charming Amy Poehler.

On the show to talk about “Parks and Recreation” and the cameo Vice President Joe Biden agreed to shoot (it aired last week), Poehler recalled an anecdote of how she kissed the man of her dreams, Biden himself.

Just a few minutes later, Letterman too was taking a cue from Poehler and her Leslie Knope character on the show by being spontaneous: he simply leaned in and kissed a visibly uncomfortable Poehler smack on the lips.

Watch the entire scene above: it might make you cringe but you have to admit that it’s also funny, if only just a little bit.

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