David Cage: Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Can Add More Subtlety to Games

The Quantic Dream team will use their power to add emotion

David Cage, the leader of developer Quantic Dream, says that the launch of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will allow designers to add more subtlety and more nuance to the experiences they are creating.

The game maker tells The Official PlayStation Magazine that, “So if you are making emotion, you will have a wider palette because of this technology. But the hardware is still just a tool. If you were doing shooters before, you will do better shooters. If you did emotional stuff, you will get more emotion.”

Cage says that the Dark Sorcerer demo that his team revealed for the PlayStation 4 is designed to show all the nuance that can be included in a comedic experience.

He adds, “The graphical quality is something very interesting to me, for all the reasons I just explained. I’m very interested also in the connectivity of the console and the fact that the overlapping multiplayer, social aspect becomes easier.”

The leader of Quantic Dream also says that it is easier to develop for the PlayStation 4 than for the PS3, which gives his team more time and energy to focus on creative elements of the experience rather than fighting the tech.

At the moment, the studio is working with Sony in order to launch Beyond: Two Souls all over the world on October 8.

The game will star Ellen Page and is designed to tell an emotion-driven story that focuses on a girl and her unique connection to a supernatural entity.

Quantic Dream is also working on a secret project for the PlayStation 4, but the company and Sony have not offered any kind of details about it.

The Dark Sorcerer demo is designed to reveal the power of the hardware and not to show fans what they can expect from the new game.

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